Tales Worth Telling in aid of Oxen Park Reading Room

Booking Essential. Tickets £4 from Gill McKinnon or Carol McNeill (861507).

gill.mckinnon@gmail.com or carolmcneill@tiscali.co.uk

Whiskey raffle at each show...

ArcticArctic Winter - Bobbie Dobson


Dogs, Sleds and Inuits in the high Arctic winter



Friday 6th October 2017 7:30pm


MongoliaMongolia - Clare Dyson





Friday 3rd November 2017 7:30pm


SailingSailing (and more) - Fergus Meanwell

RS Tera World Sailing Champs, climbing trips and BMX.




Friday 1st December 2017 7:30pm


AnimationAnimal Creations - Russell Peat





Friday 5th January 2018 7:30pm


KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan, Georgia and Russia - Lin McIntosh

Onion Domes, Fat-tailed Sheep and the Star Pupil of Gori.


Friday 9th February 2018 7:30pm


ArcticPatagoniaArctic to Patagonia - Katie, Ingrid (nee Hobba) & Sean Tomlinson

'Teddy Bears on a Tandem'. A family's two year cycling journey from The Arctic to Patagonia.


Friday 2nd March 2018 7:30pm